Internachi Certified Professional Home Inspector David Pono

David Pono

Licensed Home Inspector

David Pono is the owner and home inspector of 2020 Home Inspection. David’s vision for his business has always been centered around protecting families in every way possible as they prepare to buy a home. From ensuring that a home has structural integrity to ruling out major fire hazards due to defects such as faulty electrical wiring, David strives to keep home-buyers safe. But his vision doesn’t stop there—David also goes the extra mile to make sure that you’re not going to get hit with endless repair and maintenance issues that you didn’t expect, helping you stay financially protected in addition to being assured of your personal safety inside the home.

A Home Inspector With a Background in System Safety

David has been a Master Electrician in the state of Rhode Island for over 30 years to date, and this experience could not be more pertinent to his ability to conduct a superior home inspection. Your safety is David’s chief concern, and with his virtually unparalleled knowledge of electrical systems and the other mechanical systems inside a home, David delivers the results that others simply can’t.

If there’s an issue in the home, David will find it, and he’ll make sure that you understand exactly what needs to be done in order to bring the home up to the safe and sound condition you expect and deserve.

Internachi Certified Professional Home Inspector David Pono

We Want to Make Your Home-Buying Experience Better

  • We all lead busy lives, and that can make it tough to find any free time to schedule appointments, even when they’re as important as a home inspection—and that’s why we offer evening and weekend appointments for your convenience!
  • There can be some obstacles in the way of properly inspecting a home, and we’re equipped to overcome them—in the event that we can’t inspect a roofing system due to safety issues, we’ll use aerial drone photography to evaluate the roof’s condition so that you still get the information you need
  • Please call us with any questions you have—it doesn’t matter if six months have gone by since your inspection, we’re dedicated to empowering you with knowledge at every opportunity

In his down time, David loves to spend quality time with his family and friends. David enjoys going to the beach, attending Yankees games, exercising, and being a father to his wonderful son.

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At 2020 Home Inspections, we see straight through how a home is outwardly presented, offering an investigative home inspection that reveals a home for exactly what it is—strengths, flaws, and everything in between so that you are able to fully protect your interests as a home-buyer. Contact us today to request an inspection.

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