Home inspections have been around for many decades now, but drones in home inspections are a modern tool. Employing drones to make home inspections more efficient, thorough, and safer is gaining huge popularity with inspectors. Here are the benefits of drones in home inspections.

The purpose of a home inspection is to check a home for any damages and repair needs and to report on the general condition of components. Homebuyers and homeowners get homes inspected by professional home inspectors. The benefits of drones in home inspections have made the process more efficient for both customers and inspectors alike.

Drones in Home Inspections Offer Better Accessibility

Some homes have roof features that are not easily accessible. Some roofs are too steep or high to be safe to walk on. Some are not strong enough to be accessed by foot because of deteriorating conditions. An inspector is not required to inspect dangerous areas but can do so if they have a drone. A drone can easily access areas that a person cannot safely reach.

Skipping the inspection of those areas or using camera poles used to be the only two options available. Camera poles, however, capture visuals from limited angles and cannot always provide detailed images. The drone’s ability to capture high-quality images from any angle comes in handy. A drone gives the inspector complete control as they can zoom in and hover above an area for a more detailed and careful examination.

Improved Efficiency

The benefits of drones in home inspections include more efficient results. Using the footage of the drone, an inspector can look closely at every inch of the house. The process is quicker and provides both a bigger picture and sharper details. The inspector can revisit the footage on a computer afterward for repeated and closer evaluation.

Greater Safety with Drones in Home Inspections

Walking on weak roofs and climbing up high roofs are dangerous tasks. Inspectors commonly leave out inaccessible areas of a roof unless they have a drone. Drones make the inspection process safer and less risky while providing valuable details.

A Smoother Process

Drones offer a win-win situation for both customers and home inspectors. When an inspector cannot provide details about the inaccessible areas of the house, the customer receives a less detailed inspection report. They may even choose to schedule a separate roof inspection, which takes even more time and slows the process down. Save yourself a step and hire an inspector who uses a drone.

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