You may think that your home is safe and secure, but there are many hazards that most people never think of. Here are 5 ways to promote wellness at home and keep your family healthy and safe.

Test for Radon

Radon is a carcinogenic gas that is particularly dangerous because it is difficult to detect. It is colorless, odorless, and doesn’t cause immediate symptoms. However, over time it causes lung cancer. The only way to detect radon levels is with a special test. It is most effective to hire a professional. A radon technician uses superior equipment compared to DIY test kits and knows how to administer and interpret the test. Schedule a home radon test to learn if your family is at risk of breathing unhealthy levels of this gas.

Eliminate Germs to Promote Wellness at Home

Germs build up in places in the home that you might not think about. Things that are touched by everyone, like remote controls, doorknobs, and handles, are rarely wiped down. Use disinfectant wipes or spray to sanitize these areas. You’ll prevent germs and viruses from spreading around to your family members.

Avoid Chemicals

Some common household products contain chemicals and compounds that are unhealthy to be exposed to. Phthalates are in many scented products and are known to cause organ damage over time. Volatile organic compounds are in household cleaners and paints and irritation and difficulty breathing. Look for products that are phthalate and VOC-free, or make your own solutions from simple ingredients like baking soda and vinegar.

Practice Ladder Safety

You may need to use a ladder for several tasks around the home, from inspecting the roof to cleaning the gutters. However, falling from a ladder is one of the top causes of injury for DIYers. Always practice ladder safety. Some rules for ladder safety are:

  • Set up the ladder at a 75-degree angle.
  • Have a person there to spot you.
  • Wear non-slip shoes.
  • Place the ladder on hard and level ground.
  • Lean the ladder on a sturdy structure or use a ladder stabilizer.

Test Smoke Alarms to Promote Wellness at Home

Smoke alarms keep you safe by alerting you to a potential house fire. They can only do their job if they are operational and have working batteries. Test smoke detectors monthly and replace the batteries every 6 months. You never know when you will need to rely on your smoke detectors to protect your family.

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