With longer days and warmer weather, summer is the perfect time to tackle upgrades around the house. If you enjoy taking on projects yourself, there is a lot you can accomplish when the weather is warmer. Here are a few summertime home improvement projects that you can easily do yourself.

Summertime Home Improvement: Paint a Room

The dry weather of summer is the perfect time to paint. The paint will dry faster and with less risk of streaks and splatters. Paint an entire room or add an accent wall in the living room, kitchen, or bedroom. For the best results, always buy the highest quality tools and paint for the project. Talk to the paint specialist at your local hardware store for recommendations on the right product for your job. They will be able to suggest the best type of paint and help you choose the best finish whether it’s matte, high-gloss, semi-gloss, or satin.

Improve the Backyard Deck

When the weather is nice, you and your family will spend more time outdoors. Make your deck safer and more attractive by keeping it well-maintained. Check the lumber for warping and rot. Replace any badly damaged boards and sand the surface to remove rough patches and splinters. Test the railings to make sure they’re durable and secure. Apply a coat of sealant to protect the surface.

Make Your Front Porch More Inviting

Improve the front entrance of your home to boost curb appeal. Clean the light fixtures, buy a new welcome mat, and add potted plants on either side of the door. Paint the front door a bold new color that complements the style of the home. Install a new doorknob and modern house numbers. Add a small bistro set that includes a table and chairs or a couple of rocking chairs.

Add Mulch to Garden Beds for Easy Summertime Home Improvement

A layer of fresh mulch is attractive and functional. Boost curb appeal by helping flower beds look better and protecting your plants from the harsh summer weather. With warmer temperatures and the sun’s rays, water evaporates more quickly. Mulch helps the soil retain moisture and keep the roots of your plants from drying out. Mulching is also great for discouraging weed growth.

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