Many people enjoy gathering outside, however, as it gets colder, you have fewer opportunities to enjoy the back porch or patio. Here are a few ways to warm your outdoor space so you can enjoy it even once the temperatures drop.

Use a Fire Pit to Warm Your Outdoor Living Space

‏With a fire pit, you have many options to choose from. Some fire pits use propane gas and some burn firewood. If you use a fire pit, either place it on concrete or a fireproof mat and away from wooden and flammable structures. Don’t install a fire pit beneath an awning or overhanging tree limbs to help prevent fires. Sitting by a fire makes a fall or winter afternoon warm and cozy.

‏Install a Hot Tub

‏A hot tub is a more expensive investment but is a good way to comfortably gather with your friends and family outdoors. This is a great option for people who love to relax under the stars and have a glass of wine. You can find inflatable hot tubs that are more affordable, but not as sturdy as the traditional models. Hot tubs do require regular maintenance, but if you have time in your schedule, you will find it’s money well spent.

Add Blankets and Rugs

Make your outdoor space cozier with blankets, pillows, and a rug. If you have a covered porch or a place to store these things just inside by the door, create a storage space for cozy items. Storing blankets to take outside just by the door makes it easy for your guests to get comfortable on cooler nights outside. Add an outdoor rug for an extra layer of insulation and to help make the space cozier.

Warm Your Outdoor Space with Radiant Heat

‏Heated floors are another option for outdoor spaces. Radiant flooring is great for people who have stone or paved surfaces for their patio. It makes a big difference to have warm feet when the weather is cold. The initial installation is costly but the convenience and comfort are worth it. Plus, you’ll boost your property value with a radiant floor heating system on the patio.

‏These options help to make your outdoor living spaces feel more comfortable and warm. Spend some time this fall improving your deck, porch, or patio so you’re ready to entertain guests. You’ll enjoy the fresh air and time outside, and your family and guests won’t have to stay cooped up indoors just because it’s getting a little colder.

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